ERI Approach

ERI adheres to a strict set of investment principles.

Niche and Hard-To-Evaluate Markets

Target areas where traditional real estate investors are unable or unwilling to spend the time to transact.

Off-Market Sourcing

Concentrate on off-market opportunities sourced through a proprietary network of sponsors and managers.


Build investment portfolios that are highly diversified, with exposure to a broad number of assets and geographies.  

Risk Mitigation 

Employ a range of measures to mitigate risk, including fixed rate long-term debt incurred only at the property level and no debt guarantees.

Alignment of Incentives

Structure investments so that the firm and its partners make money when ERI investors are making money, from profitable returns on the real estate.


Put our own capital on the line, on the same basis as outside investors.

Patient Capital

We believe in the value of accepting illiquidity and lack of control in exchange for superior long-term returns. Real estate investing is long-term in nature and we take a long-term view in making our investments.