A proven ability to innovate and execute across market cycles

Founded in 1981 as Equity Resources Group, Incorporated, Equity Resource Investments, LLC is a U.S. focused real estate private equity firm. ERI invests in highly fragmented and under capitalized ownership structures in multifamily residential and commercial real estate. By targeting inefficient, niche segments and smaller investment amounts, and with a proven ability to source, evaluate and structure complex acquisitions, ERI’s leadership has established a multi-decade track record.

An innovative approach to real estate investing

ERI has innovated a securities approach to acquire broken ownership structures in real estate, including tenders, mergers and redemptions. The firm also makes compelling direct acquisitions and strategic platform investments that provide ongoing proprietary deal flow.

Proven ability to source deals in different market conditions

ERI’s niche market focus allows the firm to underwrite investments below the radar of other real estate investors. Expert in illiquid interests and broken ownership structures, we source the majority of our transactions off market through our proprietary network.

Experienced, stable and cohesive management team

The firm is led by a team of experienced partners, with an ERI tenure averaging over 15 years. ERI’s 20+ professionals are expert in origination, legal structuring and asset management. As of 2012, Equity Resource Investments is a SEC registered investment adviser. Registration with the SEC does not imply a certain level of skill or training.