Accountability and partnership are fundamental to our approach

ERI adheres to a strict set of investment principles:



We invest significantly in our funds, on the same basis as outside investors. In ERI’s five most recent funds, more than 10% of the total capital was invested by the General Partner and its affiliates.


Partnership and aligned incentives

We believe in the value of building long-term relationships with sponsors and investors. Beyond capital, we bring extensive expertise in solving operational and financial challenges and a network of contacts, built on investment in over 2,000 entities, to our investment partners. ERI structures investments to align incentives between the firm, its sponsors, and our investors.


Off-market sourcing

The ERI acquisitions team sources the majority of our investments off market through our proprietary network of sponsors and managers. ERI strategic platform investments allow the firm to secure front row access to captive opportunities.


Risk mitigation and diversification

With the long-held goal of delivering consistent performance for investors in up and down markets, ERI uses several measures to mitigate risk. We build highly diversified portfolios, target deals that generate meaningful cash on cash returns, either immediately or upon completion of the business plan, and use very limited debt at the fund level.


Emphasis on long-term returns

We believe in the value of accepting illiquidity and lack of control in exchange for superior long-term returns. Real estate investing is long-term in nature and we take a long-term view in making our investments.