Eggert Dagbjartsson

Managing Partner, Co-Chief Investment Officer

Eggert Dagbjartsson joined ERI’s precursor in 1986, assumed management of its in-house funds in 1989, and in 1990 took primary responsibility for all investment decisions. Eggert assumed primary responsibility for managing ERI in 2002 and today shares this role with Victor Paci and the other members of the Firm Management Committee. Eggert has responsibility for directing the firm’s investment activities and oversees the sourcing, analysis, valuation, pricing, negotiation and execution of transactions in which ERI engages. He is Co-Manager of all of ERI’s active funds. During his tenure, ERI has substantially increased the scope of its investment activities and has pioneered the application of many innovative financial strategies in its real estate investment process.

Eggert serves on the board of directors of Beacon Communities, LLC.

In 1982, he started at Harvard College as a freshman. In his junior year, he took a leave of absence to work full-time for ERI. Eggert has not graduated from Harvard College and remains on a leave of absence.